Replacement of kitchen cabinets can be one of the most noticeable changes in your kitchen remodel. Depending on the way a homeowner expects to utilize them, the degree of uniqueness desired and the budget, there can be many options for purchasing cabinets.


Kitchen Specialty Stores

These stores may have staff who are experts at the entire process of cabinet replacement, including the actual design of your new kitchen. Because of their expertise, these staff can be paid high salaries and the cost may be transferred to the consumer in the total cost of the cabinet makeover. As a result, this avenue for purchasing cabinets can be expensive.


Custom Cabinet Makers

Homeowners desiring a unique cabinet design may prefer the services of custom cabinet makers. Their products can sometimes be referred to as works of art and may not have all the protective coatings that factory-made cabinets may have.


Wholesale Clubs

Members-only wholesale clubs can provide a limited selection of cabinet designs from different manufacturers. Although many of their kitchen cabinets may come with warranties and may be priced cheaper than other cabinet sources, the membership fee for some of these clubs can outweigh the savings on the cabinet purchase.


Lumber Yards

Lumber yards can carry a limited supply of assembled and ready to assemble cabinets. Some may cater more to contractors and businesses than the public. For this reason, they may not offer services like measuring or design recommendations.


Large Retail Stores

Large retail stores can offer home owners convenience and variety in pricing. Many can offer delivery and installation and may also have flexible hours of operation to accommodate those with busy schedules. Options available at these locations can include semi-custom, in stock, and ready to assemble cabinets.


Internet Sites

Internet sites are another option for the cost-conscious consumer who doesn’t need any personal assistance in making the selection for kitchen cabinets. Most internet sites can provide in stock and ready to assemble cabinetry.

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