Why You Should Consider a Coffered Ceiling in Your Home


In our modern day and age, coffered ceilings are no longer exclusively for museums, formal restaurants and libraries. It is possible to incorporate the structure into the space of your home. These ceilings are supported by beams framing traditionally square-or-rectangular shaped portions. However, some designs use other geometric shapes including octagons and hexagons. Before installed a new ceiling, it is important to understand your options and the advantages of a noticeably artistic surface.


Such a ceiling has an attractive appearance that compliments the atmosphere of the room. A ceiling is a noticeable feature, so it is important to make sure the appearance matches the theme of artwork and furniture in the room. There is a wide range in design flexibility. The beams themselves can be entirely exposed wood or covered in ornate molding, depending on your preference. Likewise, the exposed sections of ceiling can be painted a single color or adorned with picturesque murals. Discussing different options with an interior decorator is a good way to decide which design best suits your needs and vision.


The coffered ceiling is suited for rooms eight or more feet high. They are a nice way to make a large space feel more comfortable and intimate. When complimented with built in lighting and a suitable color palette, a well-designed ceiling can add a more modern appearance to a room as well. An additional benefit is noise reduction. Hosting family gatherings and office parties means inviting a lot of people into your home. With an architecturally designed ceiling, the sound is distributed in a way that makes the space more comfortable and thus the gathering more enjoyable.


When considering a ceiling design, first visit other homes with such ceilings and look up examples to determine what you do and do not like. Then meet with a designer and discuss the feasibility of such a design. Coffered ceilings are an excellent way to illuminate a space in your home, whether it is the bedroom, library or kitchen.


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